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Papers on NZ refugee jurisprudence

Last Updated:  18 February 2005


Prof James C Hathaway, "The Michigan Guidelines on Well-Founded Fear" (2004)

Prof James C Hathaway, "Les Recommandations de Michigan sur la crainte avec raison (2004)

Rodger Haines QC, "The Domestic Application of International Human Rights Standards in New Zealand: The Refugee Convention" (2004)

Rodger Haines QC, "The Intersection of Human Rights Law and Refugee Law: On or Off the Map? The Challenge of Locating Appellant S395/2002 (2004)

Michael Simperingham, "The International Protection of Stateless Individuals: A Call for Change" (2003)

Deborah Manning, "The Detention of Refugee Claimants: Law, Procedure and Practicalities" (2002)

Jeanne Donald, "Access to Information for Immigration and Refugee Law Practitioners" (2002)

Rodger Haines QC, "Immigration and Refugee Law: Update 2001-2002" (2002)

Jeanne Donald, "We Don't Know How Lucky We Are, Mate" - Australian and New Zealand Refugee Law: A Comparison (2002)

Jessica Rodger, "Defining the Parameters of the Non-Refoulement Principle" (2001)

Prof James C Hathaway, "The Michigan Guidelines on Nexus to a Convention Ground" (2001)

Dr Sabine Fenton, "Expressing a Well-Founded Fear: Interpreting in Convention Refugee Hearings" (2001)

David Ryken & Jeanne Donald, "Developments in Refugee Law Relating to the Interpretation of the Term "Social Group" with Particular Reference to Gender-Based Persecution and Persecution on the Basis of Sexual Orientation - A New Zealand Perspective" (2001)

Rodger Haines QC, "Winning Immigration and Refugee Cases: Recent Case Law" (2001)

Paul Tiedemann, "Protection Against Persecution Because of 'Membership of a Particular Social Group' in German Law" (2000)

International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ) - Papers given at the Inaugural meeting of the Australia/New Zealand Chapter held at Auckland, New Zealand on 10 March 2000

The Right Hon Dame Sian Elias, Chief Justice of New Zealand, "The Impact of International Conventions on Domestic Law"

Erika Feller, Director, Department of International Protection, UNHCR, Geneva, "The Role of Adjudicators and Judges in International Refugee Protection"

Rodger Haines QC, Deputy Chair, Refugee Status Appeals Authority, "An Overview of Refugee Law in New Zealand"

Peter Nygh, Principal Member, Refugee Review Tribunal, "The Role of the RRT in Australian Refugee Determination"

Hon Justice David Baragwanath, High Court of New Zealand, "Judicial Review and Administrative Law Issues arising in Refugee Law in New Zealand and Australia"

Hon Justice Dame Silvia Cartwright, High Court of New Zealand, "Contemporary Gender Issues in the Refugee Context"

Hon Justice Deidre O'Connor, Federal Court of Australia, "Contemporary Gender Issues in Refugee Law"

Geoffrey Care, President of the IARLJ, "Refugee Law in the International Context and the Role of the IARLJ"

Paul Coates, "Practical Pointers for Counsel Appearing for Claimants at Refugee Status Branch" (1999)

Rodger Haines QC, "Immigration and Refugee Law:  Recent Developments" (1999)

Lisa Tremewan, "Appearing as Counsel Before the Refugee Status Appeals Authority - Some Pointers" (1999)

Rodger Haines QC, "A Brief Introduction to New Zealand Refugee Law" (1999)

Prof James C Hathaway, The Michigan Guidelines on the Internal Protection Alternative (1999)

Rodger Haines, Interim Report on Membership of a Particular Social Group" (Prepared for International Association of Refugee Law Judges Inter-Conference Working Party on Membership of a Particular Social Group (1998))

Rodger Haines, "International Law and Refugees In New Zealand" (1998)

R P G Haines, Recent Developments in Immigration and Refugee Law (1997)

Jeanne Donald, "Prosecution or Persecution? Political Offenders and the 1951 Convention Refugee Definition" (1996)

R P G Haines, Gender-Based Persecution: New Zealand Jurisprudence (1996)

R P G Haines, "Legal Aid Issues In The Refugee Determination Process" (1995)

R P G Haines, "Report on the Legal Condition of Refugees in New Zealand" (1993)

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