November 2001


At a meeting in late July 2001 Cabinet considered a paper on the issue of developing a system of enforceable standards for immigration consultants.  This paper discussed two possible options - an enhanced self-regulation option and a (compulsory) statutory option.  Ministers decided not to make a choice between these options at that time.  Instead, they directed that further work be done on a revised set of options.  These are:

  • An enhanced self-regulation option along the lines which has been developed previously; and
  • The Minister of Immigration will be reporting to Cabinet on these options early in the New Year.  A brief discussion paper has been prepared which summarises the two options and identifies key issues associated with them.  Comments and input on this material from interested parties has a closing date of 14 December 2001.

    To receive a copy of the discussion paper contact: John Roseveare at Policy, Research and Development Group, New Zealand Immigration Service, Department of Labour, PO Box 3705, Wellington.