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Last updated: 15 December 2004

This headnote database was created to make all decisions of the Refugee Status Appeals Authority (RSAA) accessible to refugee claimants, their lawyers and the public generally.  The headnotes were prepared by law clerks employed by Rodger Haines QC who also exercised editorial control over the drafts.

The database contains headnotes or summaries of the decisions of the RSAA from the time it was set up in 1991 through to August 2000.

When, after ten years, the RSAA acquired its own website and began to publish on the internet its own abstracts of decisions, maintenance of the headnote database on the New Zealand Refugee Law website (RefNZ) became unnecessary and the headnote database is no longer updated.  It remains on this website as an archive resource and is the only searchable database of RSAA decisions published prior to 1997, being the baseline year for the RSAA’s own abstracts.

Copyright of the headnotes on the New Zealand Refugee Law website is owned by Rodger Haines QC.

The full-text of all the leading decisions of the RSAA are available on the New Zealand Refugee Law website at the Index of leading decisions of the RSAA.

Headnotes on the headnote database will link to the corresponding full-text decision where such decision has been selected as a precedent.

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